May 2024 Carrie Jeske Key Invention Updates From An Inventing Professional

April 2024 Mary Couzin Tips for Pitching Your Toy or Game Idea

March 2024 Gene Keough From A Thought To Over 20,000 Sold Worldwide!

February 2024 Mark Mitchell Transforming Space Technology Into Commercial Products

January 2024 Scott Moffat Why Your Initial Focus Shouldn't Be on Licensing

December 2023 Paul Morinville Restoring Patent Rights To Independent Inventors & Start-Ups

November 2023 John Chadwell The Pac-A-Pit Story

October 2023 Barbara Pitts The 10 Commandments For Independent Inventors

September 2023 Stephanie Pottick LICENSING MADE EASY

August 2023 Mark Welch Shake It Till You Make It

July 2023 Lisa Lloyd The Ninja Inventor's Go/No Go Roadmap

June 2023 Samar Shah, Patent Attorney AI & Patents - Navigating a Brave New World

May 2023 Joshua Tarbutton, Ph.D., P.E. Getting Pulled Into Innovation By A Doberman

April 2023 Amy Wees Using AI to Revolutionize Product Development & Design

March 2023 Kerry Mellin Do It Yourself – Idea To Shelf In 12 Months

February 2023 Keith Lawrence The Story Of A Fishing Trip & A Patented Product

January 2023 Michael Van Horst Creating & Marketing The Push and Hang

December 2022 Keanu Alfaro How To Close 40 Licensing Deals In 2 Years

November 2022 Renee Chen Beyond The Phone: Reaching Out To Potential Licensees In A Post-COVID-19 World

October 2022 Paul Miller Learn How to Invent & Market A Successful Product

September 2022 Rita Crompton Inventors: Economic Minecrafters

August 2022 Matt Nuccio Have A Toy Or Game Marketing Approach?

July 2022 Kevin Prince The Power Of Design Patents

June 2022 Mike Watts Learn How Multi-Million $ Companies Were Created From 3 Licensed Inventions

May 2022 Amy Wees Surprising Benefits Sourcing From Mexico In Comparison To China

April 2022 Lesia Farmer Licensing To Manufacturing On A Budget

March 2022 Randy Landreneau The State of Inventors' Rights and the Movement to Restore Them

January 2022 Benjamin Harrison Licensing Using Linkedin In Lieu Of Cold Calls

December 2021 Dana Knowles Hitting Bottom Leads To A Successful Invention Licensing Deal!

November 2021 Rick Kellow From A Crude Hand Sketch To The GreatPlate

October 2021 Ryan Diez Turning A 4th Grade Science Project Into A Worldwide Hit

Sept 2021 Marcy McKenna Product Validation – Why? What? How?
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August 2021 Angela Grayson Timely Thoughts From A Lead Walmart Patent Attorney
July 2021 Todd M. Boley Pitfalls & Lessons Learned On The Napkin To Working Prototype Journey
June 2021 Woody Norris The Ingenious Bola Wrap Invention Is Just The Beginning!
May 2021 Steve Greenberg You Have A Product You Want To See on Television? Maybe Steve Can Help
April 2021 Mark Pecola How To Validate, Launch and Scale A Product Using Crowdfunding
March 2021 Warren Tuttle Inventor Confidential: The Honest Guide to Profitable Innovation
February 2021 Alex Hobson Patent Filing Strategies For Individual Inventors & Small Businesses
January 2021 Ted Olds and John Siragusa Behind the Curtain: Defending a Major Toy Brand from Knockoffs
December 2020 Amy Wees From A Simple Idea To A Retail Brand
November 2020 Karen Bonnici An Inventors Journey From Homemade Blanket To Big Box Brand
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July 2020 Aimee Carroll Learn How Edison Nation Licenses Inventor Ideas
June 2020 Don Debelak How Do Inventors Make It Big?
May 2020 Josh Malone The Amazing Bunch Of Balloons Story
April 2020 Yoni Medhin Grain4Grain, Converting Food Waste Into Healthy Food Products
March 2020 Alan Morgan Jr. Innovation, The inhibitors & The Amazing Opportunities
February 2020 Lisa Lloyd Inventing Solutions That Sell
January 2020 Gopal Nandakumar Combatting Porch Pirates and Revolutionizing the Fast Food Industry
December 2019 Amy Wees From Concept to Launch - Proven Strategies to Success
November 2019 Sean Michael Ragan On Keeping It Super Simple
October 2019 Justin Rice Fundamentals of Medical Device Innovation
September 2019 Chris Clyde Innovating The World's Most Advanced Wine Bottle
August 2019 Ruben Lopez You Paid For It, Come & Get It! Essential Services For Inventors & Entrepreneurs
July 2019 Hiram Skaggs Having A Great Invention Is Not Enough
June 2019 Alan Morgan Jr. Innovation, The Inhibitors, The Myths, & The Amazing Opportunities
May 2019 Bill Bragman The Jump
April 2019 Tom Adams Reinventing The Shoelace
March 2019 Jack Terrazas How To Manufacture, Market & Sell A Product To Form A Viable Business
February 2019 Nancy Tedeschi The Snap-It Screw Invention - The Rest Of The Story
January 2019 Debi Burrows Using Social Media Power To Promote Marketing
December 2019 Shaun Edwards San Antonio Startup Raises Record $8.3M in 2018: Hear the Story
November 2018 Jennifer Sparr Concept to Grammy and Academy Awards Bags
October 2018 Forrest Mims III Innovative Accomplishments Of A Living Legend
September 2018 Ryan Stewart Turning Ideas Into Royalties
August 2018 Rueben Miller The Story On Circ-it, Patents & A Successful Kickstarter Campaign
July 2018 Shawn Arstein A Dream, A Limited Budget & AgilCore Frame Was Born
June 2018 Rita Mehrens-Schuenemann How Could a Woman Invented Something So Simple
May 2018 Andrew Sanderson Launch of 2 Successful Kickstarter Mechanical Pencil Campaigns
April 2018 Glenn T. McCain The Travel Kozy™ Pillow, Concept To Reality
March 2018 David Monroe A Journey Thru the Amazing Innovations of Historic Inventors
February 2018 Dr. Carl Deckard 3D Printing: The History, Future & Lessons From The Inventor Of Selective Laser Sintering
January 2018 Jim Brakefield Microprocessor Prototyping for Non-Technical Inventors
December 2017 Drue & Debra Placette & Randy Ohman An Inventor's Christmas: Secret Presents from San Antonio
November 2017 Roger Brown Product to Market without Debt
October 2017 David Fedewa Licensing: The Stephen Key Approach
September 2017 Drue Placette Need Traction for Your Inventions?
August 2017 Warren Tuttle Building the Open Platform at Lifetime Brands
July 2017 Dennis & Mary Lou Green Sneaker Balls: The Life Cycle Of A Multi-Million Dollar Product

June 2017 Kurt Tompkins Crowd Founding the New bFan® - A Breeze?
May 2017 Jason McKinnie

Reducing Unforced Errors In The Invention Lifecycle, From An Attorney’s Perspective

April 2017 Roy Paul Prosise Your Invention Needs a Vision
March 2017 James Ashmore The Concept To Market Story Of A Personal Solar Light
February 2017 Samar Shah How to Draft a Patent Application in 4 easy steps
January 2017 Gary Walters Wounded Warrior To Inventor To Entrepreneur
December 2016 Michael Moncada Creating Impact With Technology – A Practical Approach
November 2016 Elliot Brackett How to Make the Perfect Pitch
October 2016 Dennis & Mary Lou Green How To Create And Deliver A Million Dollar Sales Pitch
September 2016 Denny Hamill, PhD iFetch, From a High Schooler’s Dream to a Product Reality
August 2016 David A. Monroe San Antonio:
A Major Contributor to Science, Technology and Innovation
July 2016 Inventor Panel Inventor Panel - Questions and Answers for Inventors
June 2016 Samar K. Shah 5 Proven Strategies For Improving Your Provisional Patent Application, And 4 Easy Steps For Filing One Yourself
May 2016 Nancy Tedeschi The Snap-It Screw Invention, Concept to Market
April 2016 Stephen Key How to License Your Ideas With or Without a Patent
March 2016 Steve Pearson Want to Do Your Own Patent Searches: Info from a Pro
February 2016 David and Dan Hill Now, Why Didn't I Think of That?
January 2016 Brian Fried Take Your Invention Ideas to the Next Level
December 2015 Cliff Zintgraff Plato, Socrates, Invention and Stem Education
November 2015 Jack Terrazas From a Raw Prototype to Big Box Revenues
October 2015 Allen Stone Building, Launching and Enjoying The Ride On An Innovative Product
September 2015 Dean Siracusa From Professional Photographer to Designer of Patented Eyewear
August 2015 Mike Berardi The Story of The Incredible Xhose
July 2015 Kurt Tompkins Tompkins vs. Goliath
June 2015 Jeremy Sloan & Matthew Lucero The Pool Buoy: An Idea so Bright, it Blocks the Sun
May 2015 Ryan Beltrán Utilizing Open Source to Boost Innovation
April 2015 Kay Simpson Wounded Warrior Clothing Inspires Adaptive Women’s Designs
March 2015 Chris Boyle Go Film Yourself: From Prototype to Consumer Product
February 2015 Jeremy Nelson Runner Invents a Million Dollar Product - Learn How He Did It
January 2015 Tom Adams

Creation – Protection– Product – Pfinding – Profit
A Real Life Journey: From Savinig Lives to Selling Shoes

December 2014 Jennifer Emerson Engineering Fridays: Shaping Elementary - Age Innovators into Tomorrow’s Inventors
November 2014 Patricia Nolan-Brown Idea To Invention: What You Need To Know To Cash In On Your Invention
October 2014 Kimberly Giraldo Housewife Solves Age-Old Problem & Reaps Huge Success
September 2014 Gail Tomiak, PhD Creating Things That Really Work
August 2014 Mark Kammer How to Prepare & File a U.S. Provisional Patent Application
July 2014 Josiah Leverich A Snapshot Into the Life of an Inventor
June 2014 Elliot Marx Turning a Niche Idea into an Industry Standard
May 2014 Gabriele Niederauer Commercializing Patented Medical Devices
April 2014 Luke Owen Simplify It, Demonstrate It & Get It Funded
March 2014 Ryan Blanck Innovative Invention Puts Soldiers Back on Their Feet
February 2014 Geneva Grainger Inventing a Product and Taking it to Market: a Step by Stetp Guide
January 2014 William N. Hulsey III The Innovation Act, HR 3309 – Seeking To Do Now What Could Not Be Done Before
December 2013 Mark Skousen The Spirit of Benjamin Franklin
November 2013 Forest Mims III A Living Legend Speaks to Alamo Inventors
October 2013 Alan Thiele You've Done a Patent Search. Now What?
September 2013 Garrett Heath A Kickstarter Success Story
August 2013 Daniel Mendez Commercialization of a Patented Medical Innovation
July 2013 Carrie Jeske How To Earn $330,000 Inventing Products for TV
June 2013 Dave Morse, Ken Wilson, Chris Dimler From Art to Part- The Basics on Free 3D CAD Modeling Tools
May 2013 Dr. Dennis Filips Launch of a Battlefield Invention
April 2013 Mark Sullivan Prolific Inventor Shares His Shark Tank Experience
March 2013 Quest Couch A Prolific Inventor and Accomplished Entrepreneur Shares His Story
February 2013 David Gonzales II Practical Tips for Making New Products Come to Life
January 2013 Robert Mikel The Thinking Secrets of Master Inventors
December 2012 Robin Voight
Cathryn Le Vrier
A First Look of the San Antonio Children's Museum Expansion and Relocation Plan
November 2012 Patrick McCluskey Sell to Fortune 500 Companies & Raise Millions in Equity Funding Before Your Product Is Complete
October 2012 Barbara Pitts & Mary Sarao Overcoming Obstacles Encountered in the Invention Process
September 2012 Jeff Crilley Marketing without Money
August 2012 Robert Casdaneda Everyday Ideas Bring Millions
July 2012 Stephen Key Turn Your Dreams into a Licensing Goldmine
May 2012 Alan Beckley From Concept to QVC & More
April 2012 Paul Evans & Glynn Bartlett Concept Development and Basic Fabrication Techniques
March 2012 Grant Pitzer The Hover Sprinkler™ - From Concept to Market
February 2012 Lopez, Rodriguez, Hung-da Wan Introduction to Prototyping
January 2012 Nicholas Longo Geekdom – A Collaborative Workspace for Inventors & Entrepreneurs
December 2011 David Hendricks Timely Aspects for Inventors & Entrepreneurs
November 2011 Roy Pachecano Innovation Opportunities in the Sustainable and Green Building Industry
October 2011 Maria Rangel and Eddie Solis Funding Options for Small Businesses and Independent Inventors
September 2011 Jürgen Schmidt DIY – From Concept to Market
August 2011 Kerry Harris The Real Meaning of Invention, The Gift and The Responsibility Therein
July 2011 Nolan Sagebiel Open Innovation – Companies Working With Inventors
June 2011 Edward B. Marvin The “Nuts & Bolts” of the Patent Application Process and Other Intellectual Property Related Topics (Part II)
May 2011 Jerry McKenna Making of a Bronze Sculpture – From Concept Thru Completion
April 2011 Edward B. Marvin The “Nuts & Bolts” of the Patent Application Process and Other Intellectual Property Related Topics
March 2011 James Bower, PhD Reinventing the Learning Process- Virtually
February 2011 Stephen Key Learn How to Bring Ideas to Market 
January 2011 Dr. William C. Davis Twelve Events That Will Change Everything
December 2010 Chris Marrou What investors look for in start ups
November 2010 Alane and Raymundo Rivera Engineering Kids Storybooks
October 2010 Deborah Bolner Prost The Birth of a Cool Idea
September 2010 William N. Hulsey III Bilski v. Kappos: Cross-Industry & Cross-Border Ramifications
August 2010 Nick Gardner & Truth Camina Houston, We Have A Problem!
July 2010 Magaly Chocano Mobile Apps 101
June 2010 Dr. Larry Miller Inventing… Achieving & Measuring Success
May 2010 Ruben Zamorano The Patent is Simply the Beginning…
April 2010 Board of Directors Alamo Inventors: A free San Antonio Innvovation Connection
March 2010 Rolf Smith The Seven Levels of Change - A field guide to thinking different
February 2010 Bill McHenry The Seven-Step Sales Process

January 2010

Del Johnson Innovation in Tactical Breaching Products
December 2009 Gordon Hartman Insights to Entrepreneurial Success
November 2009 Shawn Harward Visually Communicating an Invention: A Second Generation Patent Illustrator’s Perspective
October 2009 David Gonzales II From Concept to Reality:  The Journey to Bring the Layered MagWheel to the Road
September 2009 Louis Foreman The Independent Inventors Handbook Gives Aspiring Inventors the Real Deal
August 2009 Brian Hughes The Evolution of the SegSaddle – From Concept to Production
July 2009 Laura Castillo Expensive Lessons Learned - Items to Consider When Taking an Idea to Market
June 2009 Luis Sandoval Media Marketing – How to Use Online Tools for Business, Marketing, Branding & Networking
May 2009 Alan R. Thiele & Jason W. Whitney Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights
April 2009 John Blount Innovation and the Green Market
March 2009 Bruce Hughes UTSA's Institute for Economic Development - Your Source for Business Intelligence and Assistance
February 2009 Jack Juen Commercializing Eco-Friendly Products
January 2009 Paige Bishop Pitching a Product to Businesses and Organizations
December 2008 State Representative Joaquin Castro Technology Development and the Upcoming Legislative Session
November 2008 Henry "Pete" Van de Putte Jr. How a Small Business Can Benefit From a Trade Show
October 2008 Pamela Colby GIS for Business and Research 2 Reality
September 2008 Bob Rice The Invention Process: From Neophyte to Patent Pending
August 2008 Casper Terpinski The Magnetic Finger
June 2008 Dennis Remmers Nailing a Sawhorse Trifecta
May 2008 Richard Martin Seeing the Light
December 2007 Christmas Party Christmas Party
November 2007 Elliott Brackett Sell on TV
October 2007 Kurt Tompkins Bringing a Product to Market
September 2007 Myna Rae Maximize Your Creative Efforts
August 2007 Marcus Christopher From Concept to Sales
July 2007 Adolfo Pesquera Getting Your Story Out
June 2007 Jerry Baca 3 Things Inventors Must Know
May 2007 Impromptu! Impromptu meeting, updates from group members. Myrna Rae to be rescheduled.
April 2007 Dr. Geoffrey Nicholson The Business of Innovation - A Survival Issue (PowerPoint presentation)
March 2007 Ignacio Torres, III Invention Steps and Unique Sales Strategies
February 2007 David Clark Preparing Your Venture for Funding (presentation)
January 2007 Klaus Weiswurm From Napkin to Production
December 2006 Barry Brinkman,
Aric Garza
Holiday Party - An Entrepreneur's History (Barry) and Common Sense Business Practices (Aric)
November 2006 Angelina Musik Seven Principles on How to Believe and Achieve
October 2006 Wayne Simonton,
Stuart Minica,
Ralph Moore
Three Archery Products and the Inventors that Created them and Successful Businesses Too
September 2006 Alan Thiele How To Prepare Your Own Provisional Patent Application
August 2006 Brian Hughes An Entrepreneur's Journey - Pushing Large Rocks Up Steep Hills
July 2006 Jerry Hanhn Converting Vision to Business: Making it Happen
June 2006 Charles Cutler Chemical Engineer Combines Algorithm and Software to Make a Successful and Important Corporation
May 2006 Tom Collard /
Gadget Guys Contest
Collard Heat Pump / Win a Trip to Minnesota Inventor's Congress
April 2006 Kieu Phan Perfecting the Prototype and Other challenges of being an Inventor
March 2006 Thomas E. Owen, PhD, PE One Engineer's Experiences in the World of Inventions and Patents
February 2006 David B. South Tomorrow's Building - Available Today!
January 2006 Gadget Guys The Big Idea Radio Show Featuring the Gadget Guys
December 2005 Dr. Francis Kane /
Dr. Alvin Marx, M.D.
U.S. Space Exploration / Yankee Invention Expo Report
November 2005 Sylvia Acevedo From Brain to Bank: How to Take Your Idea from Concept to a Product on the Shelves
October 2005 Gerald Fuller Non-traditional Methods Used to "Accidentally Succeed in Bringing a Product to Market"
September 2005 David Castillo Bringing a Technology to Market before its Time by Positioning Yourself and Your Idea
August 2005 Bruce Houston, P.A. What is Intellectual Property?