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Once a month, we have a meeting with a presentation about something invention related. Sometimes it's the creative part, like how someone came up with an idea. Sometimes it's the legal parts, like protection, patents, trademark, & licensing. Manufacturing comes up a lot, and so does marketing. We always enjoy our speakers, and we always learn from them. Questions are always encouraged, and our speakers share insights you can't get anywhere else. Before the meeting, you can visit with other inventors. New faces are always welcome, and if you have questions about invention or patents or marketing or ... there are usually members who can help guide you.
Meeting Date
Wednesday, June 12, 2024 (Register Here)
6PM CST, usually until 8PM or so. This meeting is online, on Zoom

The Concept To Market Journey Of Two Inventors

Shawn Taylor & Samantha Raymond

Join inventors Shawn and Samantha as they share the exhilarating highs and challenging lows of their journey to market. Learn from their experiences brainstorming, protecting ideas, prototyping, manufacturing and finally launching successful products. Discover the resources and support networks that helped them persevere and gain inspiration for your own inventive pursuits.

During the presentation Shawn and Samantha will emphasis the importance of network and relationship building using social media, inventor groups, trusted allies and reliable coaches during the invention process.

Samatha and Shawn are both members of Inventor Smart ( ) and National Inventor Club ( ). Shawn is the club’s Chief Community Officer and Samatha is the VP of Community.

You can view Shawn’s invention HERE ( )
and Samatha’s HERE ( ).

View Shawn’s patents at these links, US11518588B2 - Utensil protection device - Google Patents and USD984225S1 - Spoon holder - Google Patents.

See Shawn’s product demonstrated HERE ( ) at 8:06 into the video, and her interview on the Got Invention Show, HERE.

Guests are welcome.


We usually meet on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.

Meeting Location
ONLINE unless otherwise indicated

2024 Meeting Dates
Wednesday, January 10
Wednesday, February 14
Wednesday, March 13
Wednesday, April 10
Wednesday, May 8
Wednesday, June 12
Wednesday, July 10
Wednesday, August 14
Wednesday, September 11
Wednesday, October 9
Wednesday, November 13
Wednesday, December 11

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Alamo Inventors, Inc is a 501(c)3 not for profit Texas corporation. Membership and donations are used to fund our modest operational costs.

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About Us

Alamo Inventors was founded in 2000 and welcomes members and guests to join in with like-minded people from around the area in achieving success in your inventions.

Each month we have meetings to collaborate, interact, inform, and learn about inventing, marketing, manufacturing, protecting, and learning how to succeed with inventions. The mission of the Alamo Inventors is to be a compass, resource and inspiration for inventors and entrepreneurs as they launch their concepts to market.

What We Do
We provide monthly meetings where members can meet and discuss their ideas, problems and solutions, talk with community resource members, and hear guest speakers talk about their real world experiences.

This provides a forum where this information may be shared and discussed to expand and educate the membership of the group.

Additional on-line resources are available to help direct the inventor and entrepreneur to the local and national organizations to help them as their ideas progress from concept to market.

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