Wednesday, July 11th, 2018 at 3463 Magic Dr

Guest Speaker

Shawn Arstein


A Dream, A Limited Budget & AgilCore Frame Was Born

Shawn Arstein will describe how a dream resulted in the development of the AgiliCore Frame on a very limited budget. The AgilCore Frame is the first real core development tool for targeting and applying leveraged force to the deep muscles throughout the hip cradle. Shawn will share the high’s and low’s of a long development process from developing an idea on a very limited budget including the associated frustrations from ignorance and lack of resources, to the pleasure of seeing the related patent have life and then again, back to the struggle of creating awareness in a field that has never been furrowed.

Shawn had originally developed his fitness frame for mountain bike balance training and core development. But since he could not ride, he started to look at it from a different perspective. He removed the pedals and God opened his eyes to its potential for stretching. Voila, the AgliCore Frame is born! It proved itself with his plantar issues, made stretching logical and approachable and helped him regain a full range of motion. He started to explore it from every angle and discovered over 200 exercises.

The rules change at 40. Many times people have said that they were an athlete until they hit 40. Then everything broke. Science confirms that at around 35 years of age, our ligaments start to calcify and lose flexibility. At 40, you start to lose muscle mass, true to the phrase "use it or lose it". But science also confirms that both calcification and muscle loss can be reversed and held at bay way into the 80's with proper fitness.

The presentation will focus on the inventive process and touch briefly on the use of the product. Suggest checking out the AgilCore Frame at prior to the meeting to understand its full potential.

AgilCore Frames will be present at the meeting for demonstration and 3 will be given away to those who are committed to provide a fair evaluation!

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