Wednesday, May 13, 2020

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Guest Speaker:
Josh Malone

The Amazing Bunch Of Balloons Story

Josh Malone, inventor of the enormously successful "Bunch O Balloons", will share his amazing story of successes and obstacles on his journey to invention success. Having now sold over a billion balloons, Josh has achieved tremendous success. But to get there, he had to overcome many roadblocks including the United State Patent Office. He will share how he got there - the true process of fund raising, product development, licensing, and marketing a new product today. He will also share the hard realities of getting and defending a patent, and present:

1. Creating and Developing His Invention

2 Running an Extraordinary Kick-Starter Campaign – Raising More than ONE MILLION DOLLARS

3. Solving Production Hurdles

4. Confronting Competitor Knock-Offs of His Product – Leading to Expensive Legal Battles

5. AND Overcoming the Ultimate Challenges of Defending His Invention with the United States Patent Office PATENT TRIAL APPEAL BOARD (PTAB).

Josh quit his corporate job in 2006 to take a shot at the Inventor’s Dream. Eight years later, with savings depleted and kids’ college unfunded, he took one last swing before trudging back to the corporate world.

Josh's kids have always enjoyed playing with water balloons. So, he sought to solve the messy water filling problem. After years of experimenting, Josh put a straw in a balloon and sealed the balloon with a small rubber band. It worked! He decided to call it Bunch O Balloons and filed for a patent. Josh put it up on Kickstarter and after a few days, it raised over $1,000,000. After a few weeks, he went on the Today Show. After production started and his patent had issued, infringers appeared. Come to the meeting and hear the rest of the story!

Meeting Flyer: The Amazing Bunch Of Balloons Story (pdf)

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From 6pm to 6:30pm Alan Beckley
Alan will answer questions and offer insights about product marketing and more.

From 6:30pm to 8:00pm Guest Speaker
This meeting will be a video based online-only meeting, using Zoom video services. See instructions below.

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