US Patent and Trademark Office

If you need detailed information on patents, then this is a MUST website to use. If you would like to conduct a detailed patent search go to If you need help on patents including, patent searching, patent attorneys and agents, patent assistance, patent classifications, patent forms etc., then go to and check out the excellent patent guides and manuals.

Google Patent Search

The search goes back to 1776, as compared to the USPTO search that only goes to 1976, and is lightning fast. It puts the first page of the patent, claims, and drawings up front so that you can get a quick review to determine if the patent is applicable or not. In the search listing, it provides information in addition to just the patent title, unlike the USPTO that just provides the title. Also, each word searched is highlighted. However, use this search for only a basic patent search. For a more detailed and exact search, use the USPTO website provided below.

Patent Lens

Free worldwide patent search site (based in Australia). This website provides general information on patents and intellectual property.

How to Conduct a Patent Search

If you are interested in conducting a patent search, you might want to use this website as a guide.

Patent Search Presentation

This is a live video presentation presented by the University of Utah on how to accomplish a patent search at the US Patent and Trademark Office website,

Teleclasses and Blogs on Inventions and Patents

This website provides useful information on patents and inventions as related to things that you can do yourself, such as patenting, marketing, licensing, manufacturing, royalties, sell sheets, contacting potential licensees, etc.

Invent Right / Inventors Digest

These websites have many links and information related to companies that are seeking inventions.

Invention Marketing

This website provides two interesting 1 hour long videos on marketing as related to independent inventors. The videos are from presentations made at the recent Invent Bay Expo.

New Inventions by Independent Inventors

This website provides recent inventions developed by independent inventors. The inventions are video based and narrated.

Edison Nation; Everyday Edisons ; United Inventors Association

If you are interested in general information related to independent inventors and patents, check out these websites. The United Inventors Association is a great source for general invention information.

The Invent Blog

This is an informative blog website for independent inventors provided by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


This website presents the InventorsEye, an online bimonthly magazine for independent inventors provided by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Google Product Search

Like most other searches, you input key words for either a general search or an advanced search. Google Product Search then provides a quick image based listing of all products using the input key words. A corresponding website link is also provided for each product. This is a good way to conduct an invention search for products not necessarily patented. Remember that, if seeking a patent, accomplishing a patent search is not enough. A product search is also required to identify inventions/products that exist but were not patented.

Legal Information on Patents – (210) 250-6027

Using this phone number, you can get useful legal information on patents provided by patent attorney Alan Thiele, Strasburger & Price L.L.P., a former Advisory Board member of Alamo Inventors. Menu based pre-recorded legal information is provided on many subjects concerning patents.

Working with Plastics

This website provides detailed information on making items out of plastic including making molds.

How to Write a Presentation

If you are going to present your invention to a company for licensing, you need a quality presentation. This website provides guidelines for preparation of compelling presentations.

Google Sketchup

Using Google Sketchup, you can make technical/engineering drawings for manufacture of prototypes and make 3D or perspective drawings for patents or marketing. In addition, you can rotate 3D models to view all sides and make animations.

Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center (formerly Google Base) is a new free means of advertising your product to the world without having a web page. You fill out a Google online form providing details about your product with key words called “attributes’ and submit. Your product will then appear on Google Product Search if the “attributes” are used in the search. If you have a lot of products, you can fill out a Google spreadsheet of the products. Google Base has a means for online product payment. You can also submit things other than products such as jobs, vehicles, recipes, events, activities, etc.

Invention Books: Ask the and

All the patent related books at Nolo are good books. In particular, most inventors read Patent Pending in 24 Hours by Richard Stim and David Pressman for information on preparing a provisional patent application and Patent It Yourself by David Pressman for detailed information on patents and for preparing a utility patent application. At Ask the Inventors, there are 2 good books that provide general information on inventions, patents and marketing, namely, Inventing on a Shoestring Budget and The Everything Inventions & Patents Book, both by Mary Sarao and Barbara Pitts. All of these books are available at at a reduced price.

Patent Attorney Panel Discussion

This is a live panel discussion with three patent attorneys presented by the Salt Lake City Library. This a good video of patent attorneys fielding questions from inventors in the audience.

Helpful Information and Links

This website has a comprehensive list of valuable links for inventors.

US Patent & Trademark Office Online Chat Links

The US Patent and Trademark Office has periodic on line chats in which inventors call in and ask questions which are answered by USPTO officials. The above link provides access to the chats.

The Inventor Mentor Newsletter

A free inventor weekly newsletter providing pertinent information on all aspects of inventing. Subscribe to the newsletter at the above website.

Invention Radio: The Launch Hour & Got Invention Radio

These internet radio websites, hosted by United Inventors Association certified professional members, stream useful audio information and resources for inventors on a weekly basis.

Small Business Administration

University of Texas at San Antonio, Institute for Economic Development

San Antonio Public Library - Government Documents (Patents, etc.)

PDF Patent Documents Online

Database of US manufacturers


Foreign Suppliers and General Information -

SCORE, Small Business Counseling, free Business Plan Templates and more

Public Relations: Get the word out

These links are from many various organizations that can help you to achieve success.

The Internet is full of information, however, it is always a good idea to find several sources to confirm the validity of the information. Other sources include professionals, such as patent attorneys, local Small Business Administration personnel, etc. These links are intended only as a starting point.