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Once a month, we have a meeting with a presentation about something invention related. Sometimes it's the creative part, like how someone came up with an idea. Sometimes it's the legal parts, like protection, patents, trademark, & licensing. Manufacturing comes up a lot, and so does marketing. We always enjoy our speakers, and we always learn from them. Questions are always encouraged, and our speakers share insights you can't get anywhere else. Before the meeting, you can visit with other inventors. New faces are always welcome, and if you have questions about invention or patents or marketing or ... there are usually members who can help guide you.

Meeting Date
Wednesday, May 11, 2022 (Online - Register Here)

Surprising Benefits Sourcing From Mexico In Comparison To China
Amy Wees

Alamo Inventors board member Amy Wees will be our speaker for May 2022 and will present the benefits sourcing from Mexico as an alternative to China. She will explain (1) how you can find suppliers, (2) learn the best practices in sourcing from Latin America (LATAM), (3) types of products to source and (4) the differences in sourcing from America vs China. She will also discuss an upcoming sourcing trip June 4-9 in Mexico City and how you can join her in the trip.

If you’re currently looking for a manufacturer in China, you’ve undoubtedly experienced increased issues with shipping, logistics and product sourcing. Events over the past few years have disillusioned many brand owners from China sourcing. Although the cost of goods and speed of manufacturing are stellar, strict virus control, travel restrictions and more have convinced many people that it’s time to look elsewhere for viable sourcing options.

Perhaps it’s time to explore relationships with a neighbor on our side of the world. Consider the benefits from sourcing in Mexico: (1) lower shipping time and logistics related costs, (2) shorter travel times for managers who need to visit factories, (3) less adjustment to time zone differences and (4) the devalued Mexican peso compared to the US dollar.

Some of the products that Mexico is known for include: textiles; apparel; home appliances; household products such as brooms, mops, brushes, etc.; some electronics; auto parts; ceramics and tiles; plastics; hardware; rubber and much, much more.

Amy has been taking entrepreneurs on sourcing trips around the world for years and this year she is traveling to Mexico to teach brand owners how to source as well as co-host the first ever tradeshow designed to connect micro-brands with manufacturers in Mexico.

To learn more about Amy, her company, coaching, courses and services click visit and about her E-Commerce Tips and Tricks Podcast called "The Seller Round Table" visit

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We usually meet on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.

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Alamo Inventors was founded in 2000 and welcomes members and guests to join in with like-minded people from around the area in achieving success in your inventions.

Each month we have meetings to collaborate, interact, inform, and learn about inventing, marketing, manufacturing, protecting, and learning how to succeed with inventions. The mission of the Alamo Inventors is to be a compass, resource and inspiration for inventors and entrepreneurs as they launch their concepts to market.

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We provide monthly meetings where members can meet and discuss their ideas, problems and solutions, talk with community resource members, and hear guest speakers talk about their real world experiences.

This provides a forum where this information may be shared and discussed to expand and educate the membership of the group.

Additional on-line resources are available to help direct the inventor and entrepreneur to the local and national organizations to help them as their ideas progress from concept to market.

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