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Alamo Inventors, a special interest group of Technology Connexus Association, welcomes you and invites you to participate with like-minded people from around the area in achieving success in your endeavors. Each month we have gatherings to collaborate, interact, inform and learn about inventing and entrepreneurship. ( read more )

Monthly meetings are typically held the second Wednesday of every month.

The first hour from 5:30pm to 6:30pm is for networking and getting to know each other.

From 6:30pm to 8:00pm is the monthly speaker where successful Inventors and Entrepreneurs help you understand how to succeed!

Monthly meeting:

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014


A Snapshot Into the Life of an Inventor

Guest Speaker:

Josiah Leverich



Josiah Leverich is founder and CEO of Ubertronix, Inc.,, and will be our speaker for July 2014. He will be speaking about his common sense approach for taking an idea, validating it, and turning it into a viable product. 
In 2010, Josiah founded Ubertronix, Inc. and began developing the first Strike Finder product, a high-speed device that helps photographers take pictures that are far too fast for the human eye and reflex. He will be discussing the steps he took to develop the first prototypes, get market validation, build a team, and finally launch the product in the market.

Mr. Leverich began programming software at a very young age and later consulted for several companies. He has been in the technology field for nearly 20 years as a developer, engineer and leader of IT teams. He developed commercially produced products for companies such as Harcourt Assessment (Pearson), Institute of Surgical Research (BAMC), SAIC, USAA and others, some of which have sold over $50M during the last decade. He also co-owned a software company, Ariss, Inc., that focuses on automating warranty work by car dealerships. Additionally, he holds two software design patents. 

Josiah is married to his lovely wife Dana and they have four children. In his spare time, he enjoys flying airplanes and spending time with his family on their miniature farm. 


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